L’apprendistato e i tirocini possono rafforzare il settore agricolo e agroalimentare in Europa?

Reclutare nuovi talenti nelle imprese agricole e agroalimentari può  aiutarle a crescere?

Se hai risposto si, continua a leggere per sapere come partecipare alla modernizzazione del settore agricolo e agroalimentare in Europa.

There’s a solution to everything

Recently, a documentary called „Where Have You Been in 2017?“ as part of the „Absurdistan“ series was shown on the Croatian public broadcaster. The documentary talks about one of the biggest absurdities of modern Croatia and, in a somewhat sorrowful atmosphere, portrays the mass emigration of the population and the situation prevailing today in Slavonia, a traditional agricultural region in the east of the country, not long ago known as the „Promised Land“.

The circumstances that affect us

Many of us have certainly found ourselves, during our lives, in a kind of “vicious circle” related to finding a job. Specifically, companies highly value work experience and, therefore, lack of such experience is a major obstacle for first-time job seekers.