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AGGRA multiplier event

On 25th of March, AGRRA organized the Mulitplier event within the project „Apprenticeship HUBs in agro-food sector“. Due to the epidemiological situation and measures, the event was organized online via application Teams. Morethan 100 participants participated in the event, mostly from public and private sector. The Mulitplier event was an opportunity to present project’s activities […]

Apprenticeship Hubs and COVID-19

COVID-19 has seriously disrupted standard education and training activities, including Vocational Education and Training (VET) across Europe. This has been particularly affected by the fact that practical training such as work-based learning and apprenticeships have been suspended in most sectors. Despite all the difficulties, Apprenticeships Hubs consortium continues to work online and promote apprenticeships in […]

Establishment of Apprenticeship Hubs

Apprenticeships Hubs project has successfully managed to create 4 Hubs  in Croatia, Greece, Italy and Hungary. Each HUB is a structure that has as a primary goal to increase the offer of apprenticeship positions in small and medium agricultural establishments and small food industries.   They provide support services to VET providers, companies and VET students (regarding the organization of apprenticeships) and also match offer and demand for such positions. 

Workshop for VET providers and companies in Greece

IDEC SA and INASO-PASEGES co-organized a workshop to present the Apphubs project. The workshop was held during the conference titled Hydroponics Today, on the 3rd of March, at the European Museum of decorative bread in Varnavas, Attica. 49 people attended the workshop, among them: VET teachers and educators VET students Members from agricultural companies Farmers […]